08 April 2009

Tropical North Queensland

I've been in Palm Cove for a few days now. Surprisingly, I've not connected to the nternet once since I've been here. Laziness, I guess. I've not done much here at all. There's a lovely pool in my back yard and a good thing...The beaches have been mostly closed because of marine stingers. They don't even recommend that you walk barefoot on the beach because the stinging cells are still active in the tentacle bits that get washed up on the sand. The pool is nice. Not big enough to really swim in, but you can get in, float about, cool off. And I have NEEDED to cool off! It's been wicked hot (over 30c every day) and wretchedly humid. This, obviously, was not a good time to come to the southern tropics.

The “inn” is no where near the beach, but there is a grand pay off. We're located much closer to the rainforest. Because of that, we get some of the bolder birds in the neighbourhood. I wish they would show themselves, but the calls are very entertaining.

Yesterday, I had a massage. It was OK if what you're looking for is a general relaxing massage. Lots of New Agey aroma therapy and mystic smudging (I do it better with sweetgrass), and plenty of oil. It was nice to be touched, I find I have a kind of skin hunger since Michael died. We were a very “touchy” couple and I miss that. Massage in Korea is lousy, lots of hitting, slapping, and bruising. Not relaxing or therapeutic at all. They always hurt me. I can't wait to get somewhere (anywhere) where I can engage a real therapist and get my back and stuff straightened out.

We've rain today and it's rain right out of the stories of the tropics. It comes in waves and at times is really heavy. I find it refreshing. It's a bit cooler with the rain, and I know that when it's over and the sun finally comes out for good, it will be unbearable, but I'm enjoying the rain right now (I've always enjoyed rain...it's restful and relaxing for me.

The food here in Palm Cove is mediocre. I wouldn't come here for a food vacation. You'd do much better in one of the big cities. If I'd been more motivated, I could've gotten lovely meals in Melbourne.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the job situation. Thinking about Hawaii vs. Georgia. I still can't make a decision because I don't have all the details from Hawaii ( I will have after our phone convo when I get back), but I can tell you that the aspect of 82 and breezy EVERY DAY is mighty appealing. I don't need distinct seasons. I like palm trees, don't care for pines. I'm working really hard NOT to prejudge. BUT, I can pretty much say that if everything else is equal, Hawaii wins. Being closer to family just doesn't figure in. They never came to visit when Michael and I lived in Ohio, they never came when we lived in Florida. Why should I arrange my life to accommodate the vain hope that they would condescend to visit me in Georgia. The fact that for some of them, that they can not go the time it would take to fly somewhere (Hawaii) without a cigarette is just stupid. I was a smoker for over 30 years and I quit cold turkey. If they wanted to visit me somewhere that they had to fly to (Hawaii) and couldn't be bothered to put on a patch or something says that the ciggys are more important than I am.

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