25 October 2008

Getting Started

Starting up this blog will probably take longer than usual as my spousal unit is currently hospitalized. I had hoped that this blog would primarily reflect my daily comings and goings with the occasional recipe, picture of the cat or knitting pattern, but I find the need to vent a bit about our current medical situation.

Being hospitalized is never fun, but it is something that many Americans take for granted. Try having a serious illness in a foreign country! We are currently expats living in Seoul, South Korea. Imagine the challenge of suffering a serious illness in a country where you do not speak the local language. Fortunately, I have a medical background so am able to deal with the staff even though I have only about 8 words of Korean. Most of the medical terms are similar enough that we can understand one another. Also, many of the staff and physicians at the hospital we are at speak English at least passably...certainly their English is far better than my Korean.

The good news is that my beloved spousal unit is on the mend, albeit slowly, and hopefully soon, we can get back to the daily business of living.

21 October 2008


Just set up the new blog...I consider it under construction, so please be patient with me.