26 November 2008

Twas the night before Thanksgiving...

and the spousal unit is still in the hospital. They are making progress and he may be home early next week. This is good. He will be stuck in a Korean hospital, however nice a hospital it is, on Thanksgiving. This is bad. I find myself feeling somewhat angry about this situation. Not angry at the spouse, for he certainly didn't plan to be ill, but anger at the situation.

The only upside is that for the next couple of days, I can work on my wool shawl.

To those of you that celebrate...Happy Thanksgiving!

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21 November 2008

And Back Again...

Spousal unit is back in hospital. It wasn't an emergency this time, and he IS improving, but there is no word on when he might be discharged and Thanksgiving is in just five days. It's entirely possible that I may be spending my holiday in the hospital and Korean hospitals make no special dietary provisions for American holidays.

On a personal level, I will admit to being frustrated and quite concerned over the state of the spousal unit.

The only good thing about camping on furniture that was designed by Torquemada is that I can knit and, when he is napping, listen to the iPod. The project du jour is quite a large shawl/wrap. The office I work in is quite chilly so a nice warm woolen wrap would be perfect. I may have mentioned earlier that it's a simple "Old Shale" or "Feather and Fan" pattern worked in worsted on size 9 needles.

Perhaps a picture when it's more than six inches long.

12 November 2008

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Actually, I brought the spousal unit home on the third and he's been doing pretty well ever since. This little incident really scared him and I hope that he puts this newfound awareness of his mortality to good use and makes more effort to take care of his health.

Now that the hospital thing is over, I, personally, am very tired. I was spending 16+ hours a day with him at the hospital. I only took one day to get him settled at home before I went back to work. I really need a vacation, but that is not to be for a while. In the meantime, I am trying to relax with some knitting. I am "socked out" so have started a lacy wrap. The office I work in is pretty chilly, so having something attractive to wrap around my shoulders is a must.

The pattern is a simple 7 repeat of the classic Old Shale pattern that I am working in a forest green slightly heathered with gold. It's 100% Peruvian wool in a worsted weight. The yarn (Knit Picks if you're interested) knits up into a lovely "spongy" fabric that will be nicely warm. I'm going to look for a pretty shawl pin to go with it.

02 November 2008


The spousal unit is still hospitalized. It almost feels as though the local docs are dragging their feet when it comes to releasing him. You would think that they are looking for some reason to keep him admitted.

One of their "fixations" is that he has no appetite. This couldn't be further from the truth. He is on a western diet, which is a good thing. While he enjoys Korean food, he does not enjoy it three times a day. Anyway, they bring up these HUGE meals. Seriously, the amount of food they bring up would feed both of us easily. Since he does not "clean his plate" they assume that he has no appetite and this worries them. Trust me, he's NOT starving. The difference is that, to our eyes, the Koreans eat an ENORMOUS amount of food! I've seen tiny Korean women tuck into a huge bowl of rice with meat and vege AND several side dishes. There's NO WAY that either self or spouse could eat all that. When we visit Korean restaurants, we usually split one order of whatever we are having.

Anyway, hopefully they will release him and I can bring him home soon. This whole chapter in the life has become tedious. I need a vacation!