02 November 2008


The spousal unit is still hospitalized. It almost feels as though the local docs are dragging their feet when it comes to releasing him. You would think that they are looking for some reason to keep him admitted.

One of their "fixations" is that he has no appetite. This couldn't be further from the truth. He is on a western diet, which is a good thing. While he enjoys Korean food, he does not enjoy it three times a day. Anyway, they bring up these HUGE meals. Seriously, the amount of food they bring up would feed both of us easily. Since he does not "clean his plate" they assume that he has no appetite and this worries them. Trust me, he's NOT starving. The difference is that, to our eyes, the Koreans eat an ENORMOUS amount of food! I've seen tiny Korean women tuck into a huge bowl of rice with meat and vege AND several side dishes. There's NO WAY that either self or spouse could eat all that. When we visit Korean restaurants, we usually split one order of whatever we are having.

Anyway, hopefully they will release him and I can bring him home soon. This whole chapter in the life has become tedious. I need a vacation!

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