26 December 2009

Twas the Day After Christmas

Boxing Day for my friends of the British inclination. I'm working on getting myself motivated to either visit Ala Moana Mall for the post Christmas (insanity)sales or to clean the kitchen. Neither is particularly appetizing. I LOVE to cook, but am not overjoyed by the clean up that always follows.

All that mess not withstanding...

Yesterday, I want to my boss's home for Christmas. I don't know why, but I am constantly amazed by the kindness that some people exhibit. I had a lovely dinner, got to know the man I work with MUCH better. Who would've thought he had a great sense of humor or played a musical instrument. His wife is such a sweet person whom I would like to get to know better. I do believe that I have been invited to become part of the Ohana (family, some related by blood, many not, but all cared for). I've come to believe that I don't work FOR this gentleman, but I work WITH him. Trust me, that's a distinct difference and one that I've rarely experienced.

On the family front, I got a card from my SIL and Bro. Talked to them on the phone, but that was the end of the family thing. Nothing from the rest of my family, but nothing ws expected. I heard nothing at all from my husband's family and that was hurtful. No response from them at all, after the Thanksgiving email, and nothing from them for Christmas. Not that I expected anything "physical" but an email costs nothing but a few minutes of time. Ah, well...I will let them go, sadly, but I do not go where not invited or wanted.

It looks like I will be making my way back to the mainland in February (thought last week it was to be in January, but February is a much lousier time of year, so February it will be). Fortunately, I just acquired a new winter jacket that can be worn 3 ways, and assuming that I don't loose a bunch of weight, the jacket should last me a good long time (and will be useful on trips to the highlands of the Big Island, where it can and does snow). I should apply myself to knitting that I have promised to others and, perhaps get the silly scarf/hat done that I started probably more than a year ago. It will go nicely with the new jacket (which is black with white trim).

WARNING!!! AFC (Actual Fiber Content)

I am really enjoying my introduction to spinning. The drop spindle and I seem, at first blush, to get along quite well. We've had no arguments yet. This may well be beginner's luck, but I've had no urge to throw it across the room as with some of my knitting projects. The spinning seems to quiet my mind and the cat seems to understand this as he watches me "play with string". He has shown ho interest in doing anything but watching the spindle. He's a good cat and evidently easily amused. He doesn't seem to begrudge me time that could be put to better use petting him.

This is probably not much, but it's my FIRST handspun yarn and I lurves it!

I don't know what kind of wool it is, but it's got a long staple and is forgiving and very beginner friendly. My friend Dorothy lent her spindle and shared the fiber with me. I'm pretty sure I'm hooked because I find myself speculating on the spinning merits of all the fiber I see. I'm also exploring various spindles. The occasional thought of a spinning wheel crosses my mind. Just what I need.

Cooking? Yep, I actually cooked something the other day. A batch of Tassies for Christmas Dinner (I feel uncomfortable going to someone's house and not taking at least a LITTLE something. So I made a batch of Tassies. Miniature pecan pies. Since I love pecan pie, I love the little ones. The crust recipe I use is dead simple and lends itself very well to ALL sorts of fillings. I'm already contemplating savory fillings like something with sausage, and not just the traditional breakfasty type of sausage. What about Italian sweet sausage with finely chopped onion and red, green, and yellow peppers? Or, minced mushrooms with onion and a dab of sherry? I might even try Chinese ground pork filling (with ginger, green onion, and "stuff").