21 November 2008

And Back Again...

Spousal unit is back in hospital. It wasn't an emergency this time, and he IS improving, but there is no word on when he might be discharged and Thanksgiving is in just five days. It's entirely possible that I may be spending my holiday in the hospital and Korean hospitals make no special dietary provisions for American holidays.

On a personal level, I will admit to being frustrated and quite concerned over the state of the spousal unit.

The only good thing about camping on furniture that was designed by Torquemada is that I can knit and, when he is napping, listen to the iPod. The project du jour is quite a large shawl/wrap. The office I work in is quite chilly so a nice warm woolen wrap would be perfect. I may have mentioned earlier that it's a simple "Old Shale" or "Feather and Fan" pattern worked in worsted on size 9 needles.

Perhaps a picture when it's more than six inches long.

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