30 March 2009

Day 2 in Melbourne

Housekeeping did not make up my room today. I had to call housekeeping and then it was well after 1700 before they came up. The lady from housekeeping claimed that I was in the room all day, but that was incorrect, I was actually “out and about” exploring the lay of the land and having a quite decent lunch of fish (flathead) and chips at a nearby spot called The Cricketer. The fish was nicely fresh. I find that Australian food is generally quite fresh and care is employed in its preparation.

I didn't make it to the zoo today, sticking rather closer to home today. I think I'll go out for Chinese this evening. The hotel is right across the street from Melbourne's China Town. There should be some good eats. I'm also going to try to fine the local IGA as I still don't have any Nice biscuits and Earl Grey.

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Things are interesting right now in Sydney...the power has gone off in the CBD, just in time for the afternoon rush-hour, and there seems to be a war between rival biker gangs. In Australia, they call them “bikeys” (as opposed to bikkeys and breakky) actually, this evening, I'm rather glad that I'm not in Sydney.

Right now, I'm going to save this and go off for dinner and the IGA.


I found an interesting Greek restaurant for dinner. The saganaki was excellent, although I prefer mine flamed with ouzo. The lamb kebabs were wonderful as only Australian lamb can be. There are generous in their portions. I also found the IGA again and got my Earl Grey and Nice Bisquits.

I did more walking today than I've done for a long time. I've managed to not need the cane since I've been here. I know that lots of my pain is stress related to the job and the location. I'm looking forward to the day I really leave Korea and get to somewhere else...

Another thing that's a tiny bit disconcerting is that there's a two hour difference between Melbs and Seoul. The body things it's 1950, but it's 2150 here. I really think it's harder to shift the two hours than it is to shift 13-14.

Finally, it appears that the lights were off in Sydney for only two hours.

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