15 May 2010

I really should get here more often...

So, it's almost June. Wow!  I can't believe how quickly time goes by.  I haven't noted it before, but I'm starting up the Master's degree again.  It will be interesting to see how I do without my biggest fan.  Michael was always so supportive of my school work.  He did stuff so I could devote more time to the books and he never complained when I studied instead of paying attention to him.  He was so proud when I finished the BS.  He would be happy that I decided to finish the MS after not being able to take classes for so long.

I always thought that books were criminally overpriced, even when I started college so many years ago.  They are STILL criminally over priced.  How they can justify charging $177 for a book on Project Management is totally beyond me.  I guess I'm just in the wrong business.  I should become a college bookseller and gouge students on required texts.

On a personal note, I had a GREAT appointment at the physio today.  The back exercises are meh and not much of a challenge, but one of the massage therapists worked me over.  Oh my God!  It felt like my back was full of rocks and she hit every one of them.  I could feel the knots getting smaller, but I'm so tender that it was hurty.  It's going to take a while to get over almost four years of lack of treatment.  The Korean medical establishment is not big on pain management nor do they appreciate patient questions.  Also, their idea of massage is very rough.  Almost every time I ended up bruised and swollen.  I am VERY happy to have found a good physio with good, professional, massage therapists.  I'm looking forward to reducing my pain!

On another note, I'm thinking of getting myself an orchid or two.  Michael and I had a whole raft of plants before we went to Korea.We cared for plants in Korea, but they belonged to the landlord and of course, I couldn't bring them with me. Now, I only have a little aloe thing that the last tenant left (which I need to repot as it's in an old, weathered, brittle plastic thing).  I love flowers, but there are no flowering plants in the landscaping, and I don't think the current landlord would appreciate me digging up the back yard and planting "stuff".  I figure that if I choose the right orchids, I'll do fine since I don't have to worry about cold and we get plenty of breezes.  I'm also quite tempted to add an African Violet or two, too.  Michael and I had quite the collection of violets and he was a genius at propagating them.  Actually, Michael had a real knack with all sorts of plants and he took great pleasure in growing pretty and often tasty plants.  If I weren't such a lazy bint, I would get some herbs started in the back.  Perhaps when the back is better.

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