13 September 2009

Tomorrow normality sets in...

I've been in Hawaii two weeks now. They've been a pleasant two weeks. I have rested and gotten my bearings. done some of the essentials like getting a cellphone and starting my home search. I would love to stay here...on the beach, but it would be better for me to be closer to work. I'm confident that the right place will present itself to me when the time is right, so, while I will actively search, I will not worry.

It's been good to rest these two weeks. I was so run down from all the drama that was Korea for the last year that I had lost touch with myself. All I was doing was living day to day. I've had this time (thank you people that INSISTED that I take two weeks off) to be quiet, to sleep deeply to the soothing sound of the surf, to get the soot and stink that was Seoul out of my lungs, and to just be. The change is astounding. Even the cat, who had always had gunky eyes is better. His eyes are no longer gunky and we both feel better.

So...tomorrow I start my new job. How that will work out remains to be seen, but I have every confidence that it will be much better than where I came from. It will b e good to have motivation again...I can't stay too long in vacation mode, and it's definitely part of "normalcy". Normalcy is what must be. I keep harping on "starting a new life" but that's exactly what this is. New location, new job, new "status" (widowed/single). It's hard to get used to being a solo act, and there things I would like to do that I must figure out how to do singly. I will NOT allow myself to hole up and be a hermit. I will go places and do things and "hang out" with people.

My knitting group is a good start. There are institutional ways to meet people, "church" is probably the most obvious, but since I eschew organized religion, I will not be visiting any churches in the near future. I will, however, see what's available at work. One of the people at knitting the other night had a good idea in that we should organize a knitting group at work. Perhaps I will look into that. Also, there is no EGA chapter in Hawaii, so that might be something else to look into.

There are many opportunities out there, I only have to find them. I embark on this with all optimism and go forward because I certainly can not go backward.

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