29 December 2008

Monday evening

Well, we've pretty much finished the first day in CCU. The husband is slightly better. They placed a catheter in his chest cavity (again) to drain the fluid that has collected in his chest (pleural effusion). This fluid compromises his breathing because the lungs can't expand fully. They are removing the fluid slowly so that he doesn't go into hypovolemic shock which, in his condition could be fatal, but he has already gotten some relief. The poor condition of his heart is what is causing the fluid buildup. This tells me that if I get him home, he may have to have the catheter in his chest more or less permanently. One of the residents tonight mentioned that if his breathing deteriorates, he may have to go on the ventilator. That would be bad indeed. My own hope is that with the removal of the fluid, his breathing (oxygenation) will improve and that will, because everything is linked to everything else, improve his heart, liver, and kidney functions.

My dream has now become transplantation for him. I would be willing to do it here, or back in the states if needs be. Chances for a double organ donor (heart/liver)would probably be better in the states simply because of the ethnic clustering of blood and tissue types (western European stock as opposed to the very homogeneous Asian/Korean stock). A more realistic goal would to have him survive past our 13th Wedding Anniversary.

For right now, the meltdown of earlier today seems to have abated. I have regained at least the appearance of control. OR...maybe I'm just so tired that I can't melt any more. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. Guess I'll need an extra blanket.

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